Breakfast Menu

Available all day


Asa Big breakfast                                           £7.70

Bacon, Sausage, Black  Pudding, Hash brown,

Tomato, mushroom, Egg, baked beans and toast.

Served with house tea or coffee


Triple choice                                                   £6.50

Choose any 3 items from the big breakfast,

And toast. Served with house tea or coffee


Bacon or sausage sandwich £4.50

Add egg £0.50

2 slices of toast £1.40

with butter

Toasted fruit teacake £2.20

with butter

Toasted crumpets £2.20

 with butter

Toast topped £4.50

with a choice of one of the following cheese,

baked beans, Scrambled, fried or poached eggs

Choice of £0.60

Jams, marmalade or honey


Childrens Menu (under 12’s)


Half Portion of breakfast £4.00

Served with juice or milk and slice of toast

Sausage and mash or chips £3.00

Chicken nuggets and chips £3.00

Please ask for other needs

Light Snacks

Soup of the day                                                          £4.25

Soup and a sandwich of choice                                £6.50



Served with a salad garnish and in a choice

of breads.

Choice of Roast ham, beef, turkey,         £4.90

tuna  mayonnaise,

Cheese and chutney (v), egg mayonnaise (v)   £4.75

Crab and prawn or prawn Marie rose      £5.25

Toasted Ciabatta

Served with chips and garnish     £6.00

Bacon lettuce and tomato, or

Sausage and onion, or bacon, cheese and onion melt

Portion of chips (v)    £3.00

Chip butty (v)    £3.80

Jacket potato

 Served with a salad garnish

With butter      £4.20

With choice of cheese,or baked beans   £4.90

or coleslaw

With tuna mayonnaise £5.40

With chilli con carne   £6.20

With crab and prawn or prawn Marie rose £6.90

Extra items: Beans, cheese, coleslaw £0.60



Made to Asa’s traditional 1898 recipe

Savoury       £4.90

With a choice of cheese, ham, tuna,

or egg mayonnaise,

Ham and cheese or bacon and cheese.

Sweet     £3.00

With jam or honey, or golden syrup


Traditional meals

See Specials board for daily menu

Meals are served with chips and salad or mushy peas, or potato and vegetables.

Gammon and eggs           £8.50

 served with pineapple

Scampi          £7.90

 served with lemon wedge and

tartare sauce

Quiche of the day         £7.50

Served with chips and salad

Pie of the day       £8.10

Served with chips and mushy peas

Lasagne     £7.60

Served with chips and salad

Pork pie and mushy peas    £5.00

Egg and chips     £4.30

Egg, chips and baked beans    £5.00

Sausage, egg and chips   £6.50

Fish and chips     £8.00


House Blend Tea           £2.00

Decaff available

House blend Coffee      £2.10

Decaff available

Speciality teas              £2.15

Ask for selection

Speciality coffee           £2.50

Cappuccino, latte, Americano,

 macchiato, espresso

Cadburys hot chocolate  £2.50

Bottled water   £1.50

Still or sparkling

Cans of Pop    £1.80

Ask for selection

Orange or apple juice    £1.85

Milkshake     £2.60

Strawberry, chocolate or banana

Fruit scone         £2.25

With jam and cream      

Fresh cream cake   £2.25

Please ask for our selection

Vanilla slice      £2.25

Fruit pie      £4.00

Served with custard, cream or ice cream         

Slice of sponge cake  as displayed      £3.00

Please ask for our selection

Selection of tray bakes     £2.00

Ask for our selection

Yorkshire curd tart       £3.80

Sticky toffee pudding   £4.10

Served with custard, cream or ice cream

Treacle sponge pudding   £4.10

Served with custard

Spotted dick pudding   £4.10

Served with custard 

Chocolate sponge pudding £4.10

Served with custard

Fruit cake         £4.50          

Served with Wensleydale cheese

Fruit crumble of the day £4.10

Served with custard